We offer wide range of Network consulting services to suit our client’s business requirements …..
SPHINX telecom was founded in 2007
Sphinx international has established an excellent reputation in telecom field by providing integrated solutions for communication and transmission. Our scope includes the following : Optical fiber & copper network, Turnkey GSM telecom network, Radio and Transmission, Design and implementation of networks.
International Expertise

All of our experts have a single objective: to offer you a comprehensive range of quality professional communication services to improve performance and peace of mind on a daily basis. Depending on the specifics of the business, we develop personalized solutions for fixed and mobile Network, Civil work and energy, engineering, Network Audit and Optimization

Telecom Services

Sphinx International experienced consultants & engineers with wide range of telecom experience offer Real Business value and innovation by providing services in following domaine : end to end Radio optimization, transmission, core network, backhaul transmission, filed services and Optical fiber

Energy Solar for Professional

With energy prices rising steadily, every professional must ask themselves the cost of energy consumption but also gains may be generated through the production of electricity under a contract of sale of products kilowatts


● Engineering and Planning
● Network Audit (BSS, transmission, core network, Backhaul, NMS) …

Energy and Civil Work

● Assembly and dismantling of conventional HV / MV substation transformer and general electric …

Study & Design

The Sphinx International Design Office can provide you with reliable and relevant knowledge to inform project planning …
sphinx international


Sphinx works on engineering projects and installation of telecommunications networks ..

Our Clients

To Guarantee the superior quality

of our services sphinx deploys highly qualified
and experienced personnel



ESCOM has been a manufacturer of telecommunications infrastructure for more than 30 years, with entrances and alliances in North Africa, Turkey, Romania, Mauritius, India, South China, and whose head office is in Lempdes sur Allagnon in France..
A partner of solar professionals, Auversun studies and manufactures tailor-made photovoltaic solutions. Assembled in France in Clermont-Ferrand from European components, the solar modules are individually measured for irreproachable quality..