Telecoms Services


Sphinx International consultants & engineers with wide range of industry experience offer Real Business value and innovation by providing services in following domains :

RF Palnning & Optimization
  • RF planning and design
  • RF Drive Testing both Pre-Launch & Post-Launch
  • RF Optimization, Planning & Design
  • RF Consultancy Services
Transmission Services
  • Design Services & Implementation
  • LOS Survey
  • Path Calculation
  • Frequency Planning
  • Optical fiber Installation & maintenances
Filed Services
  • Pre-Installation Survey
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Link Performance Testing & integration
  • As-built reports
Core Network Service
  • System architecture design
  • IP network design
  • MGW & MSC server connectivity testing & Operation
  • Routing & Switching
  • MPLS Networks, VPNs
  • Network security
Backhaul transmission
  • Design Assistance
  • Assistance in Preparation of Backhaul of Mobile network
  • Implementation & Integrating
  • Testing, Maintenance services

Sphinx International performs end-to-end network audit to evaluate and optimize the performance of network.
The audit process concern the technical evaluation as well as identification of KPI’s, Quality of services, on site installed equipment i.e Core Network, Radio, Transmission, BSS and Civil works.

Network Audit includes:

  • BSS Audit
  • Core Network Audit
  • Transmission Audit
  • RF Audit


BSS Audit
  • Quality of Installation BOQ’s will be required to verify all the equipment installed;
  • BSS Equipment Installation Audit
  • Hardware and software alarms Audit
  • Physical capacity of the site audit.
  • Global BSS Audit Report
Transmission Audit
  • Site coordinates
  • Tower height,  antenna  heights on  tower
  • Number of  standby transmitters and  receivers
  • Tuned frequencies  of  all operating  equipment
  • Transmitter power  outputs  and received  input  levels
  • Global Transmission Audit Report
RF Audit
  • Perform Drive Test and analyze logs files
  • Call success rate, Rx Qual / Rx Lev.
  • Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF design document
  • Global RF Audit Report
Sphinx Telecom manage services are :
  • Fault Management & Trouble Shooting Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Support & Reporting
  • Upgrade / Capacity Management
  • Configuration Management
  • KPI Measurement
  • Alarm Monitoring and resolution
  • Field Scheduling & Dispatch Management

Network Field Maintenance

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of
  • Core Network Elements (MSC,MGW,HLR,..)
  • Transmission Systems (PDH, SDH,..)
  • Access Networks (BSS, FTTH,…)
  • Fiber Networks
  • Energy Equipments (Generator, solar panal,…)
Support Services

Technical Support and Process Management:

  • Technical Help Desk
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Type Approval Testing
  • Process Management activities

Logistics & Vendor Management

  • Spares Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Repair & Return coordination
Sphinx International has been a strategic way for telecom companies to grow their business and improve their services. Hiring in-house is costly and requires a lot of resources, from the workspace, salaries, and training to IT infrastructure and maintenance.

With Sphinx International outsourcing, they can save on costs and resources in setting these up, making it possible to give their customers a better service offering at a lower price. It also improves an aspect of their business which customers have raised concerns before.