IoT is growing at exponential rates, and will only grow faster as 5G becomes more widespread. The vision of an IoT world presents a world of fascinating possibilities – a world of smart homes, smart cities, smart farms, smart factories and smart cars on smart roads, with billions of devices communicating with each other and sharing data that enable more efficient and safer lives.

However, achieving that vision relies on our ability to secure all those devices – and many IoT devices to date are notorious for not being all that secure, or at least not secure enough.

This whitepaper explains:

  • How IoT security is different from whatever security solutions are currently in place
  • The specific issues that certain IoT use cases will bring with them
  • What that means for their risk assessments.

It includes eight key recommendations that decision makers can take into account to ensure they select the right security solution that enables them to take control of IoT security and accelerate IoT security deployments.

Download the file