Orange pushes further energy savings in Europe

Orange pushes further energy savings in Europe

Orange pressed on with a power-cutting drive across its European footprint in response to an ongoing energy crisis in the continent, expanding on efforts already in place to reduce consumption.

In a statement, Orange highlighted existing policies in place covering ongoing projects originally started as part of sustainability efforts, and previously-announced measures underway in France employed as a direct response to the current energy supply issues.

Orange deputy CEO charged with European operations, excluding France, Marie-Noelle Jego-Laveissiere, added it was now reinforcing its “ambitions in reducing energy consumption”.

“We are determined to continue to find creative ways to improve our energy consumption efficiency and encourage sobriety, while ensuring the resilience of our network and sites,” the executive noted.

Measures in place or planned include: deploying infrastructure with energy optimisation features; partnerships including network sharing; switching its network in France to battery during peak periods; and using solar panels on base stations in selected areas.

Outside of the network, Orange cut the minimum ambient temperature in offices to 19C, optimised work from home policies and switched off lights in its retail footprint earlier.

A policy in Poland of switching off shop lights after closing, for example, is also being introduced in Belgium.

Its latest statement on the issue comes as fears of strains on energy supply in Europe during the winter months as a result of geopolitical issues rumble on.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported comments from Orange CEO Christel Heydemann, who warned French politicians prolonged power cuts in the country stemming from the energy crisis could impact emergency service calls.